Police Checks (VSC) (North Durham Minor Hockey)

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Police Vulnerable Sector Checks  

A Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) is required of all rostered team officials and all other team volunteers who engage in on-ice activities.

If a team official’s gender and date of birth matches someone in the DRPS/RCMP database, he/she will be fingerprinted to process the PVSC.

PVSC processing can take up to two months and a team official cannot be rostered until the PVSC is completed—start the process early!

The original, embossed form from Durham Regional Police must be submitted to the administrator in order for the bench staff to be rostered and reimbursed.

PVSC are valid for three seasons and expire on August 31 three seasons after the PVSC was issued. For example, a PVSC issued on August 31, 2017, December 31, 2017, or February 15, 2018 will all expire on August 31, 2020.

PVSC Deadline

  • Rep team bench staff must have an up-to-date PVSC on file in the North Durham office before they can be rostered.
  • House league bench staff must have an up-to-date PVSC on file in the North Durham office no later than November 1st.

Reimbursement of PVSC Fee

The association covers the cost of Police Vulnerable Sector Check for all rostered bench staff. Reimbursement will be issued directly to each team official when a completed Expense Reimbursement Form is submitted to the North Durham administrator by the November 1st deadline and the original PVSC form has been filed in the North Durham office.

How to Obtain a PVSC

Durham Region Residents

  1. Request a letter that identifies you as a volunteer for North Durham Minor Hockey Association and allows the Durham Regional Police (DRPS) to charge you at the volunteer rate.
  2. Apply for a PVSC online via the Durham Regional Police website or apply in person at a DRPS station.  Link to DRPS Online Request
  3. DRPS will notify you when your PVSC is ready for pick up if you applied online.
  4. Submit the original PVSC to the North Durham office.

Volunteers Residing Outside of Durham Region

If you live outside of Durham Region, you must apply for a PVSC with the regional police in your municipality.