Links to OMHA Bench Staff Courses (North Durham Minor Hockey)

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Links to OMHA Courses for Warriors Bench Staff

If you are on a Warriors Bench, here are the Required Courses depending on  your role.

HCR Registration
Everyone volunteering to be on-ice or on the bench needs to register themselves as a participant.  You should all be existing participants.  Make sure to complete to the end of the checkout.

Police Check (VSC)
Police checks have also changed this season and we must have a completed police check on file before we can add you to a roster.  I have attached the OMHA Criminal Offence declaration to this email.   If you require a new police check, we can accept your receipt for your police check along with a declaration while you are waiting for the new one to come in.  It can all be done electronically.  Please see this link for a volunteer letter and the link to DRPS online VSC (Vulnerable Sector Check)