Use of NDMHA Logos (North Durham Minor Hockey)

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Use of NDMHA Logos/ Trademarks or Non-Accredited Suppliers
The North Durham Minor Hockey Association (NDMHA) has certain assets which belong to the Association and exist for the collective benefit of our membership.  The NDMHA Board of Directors mandate is to protect our Association assets and ensure that they are not exploited for purposes which are not to the benefit of our membership.


Among these assets are our logos and trademarks which include the “Warriors” logo and the “Blades” logo and the names "North Durham Warriors” and “North Durham Blades”. The NDMHA Board of Directors may occasionally permit membership teams to use our logos or trademarks for specific applications (e.g. equipment, apparel, fundraising activities).  
Also as part of its mandate, the Board of Directors periodically requests Tenders from companies interested in supplying uniforms, equipment, apparel or services to our Association.  Our objective is to use our financial resources and volume purchase capability to ensure that our membership receives good value in terms of quality and reliability at a reasonable cost.   


The NDMHA has certain obligations to our supplier agreements. The approved NDMHA supplier may not use our logos and trademarks or have product produced without Board approval. Further, this requirement for Board approval in advance applies to the use of any non-accredited product or service provider whether or not such use involves NDMHA logos or trademarks, or facilities provided by the Association (e.g. ice rented by the NDMHA).
The Board has historically looked favourably on member requests to use our logos and/or trademarks.  We have also occasionally approved non-accredited suppliers if existing suppliers could not provide the product or service specified.  In either instance, we simply ask that you submit a written request to the Board so that we can track how Association assets are being used and can honour the spirit of our supplier agreements.
We are confident that our members will understand the benefits of the above. However, to be clear:  any future use of Association logos or trademarks, or the purchase of goods or services from non-accredited suppliers without the prior consent of the Board of Directors will result in sanctions including team financial penalties and/or the suspension of team officials.


How to request a Logo:

Submit an email request for NDMHA approval to: [email protected] stating and/or attaching:

a. The player name, team and category (ie Warriors Atom AA, Blades Bantam BB) making request (if applicable);
b. The NDMHA logo(s) you require (Warriors, Blades);
c. Intended use or application (e.g. flyers, signage, poster, print ad, web site, social media, equipment etc.);
d. Identify period for intended use (e.g. Start Date - End Date);
e. Example creative (e.g. flyer, equipment, signage etc.).

Once you submit your request, NDMHA will review and provide a response back via email.
You will be required to submit vendor details along with a signed logo agreement from the vendor.
The vendor agreement will be provided on a case by case basis.

Logo Guidelines:

a. The NDMHA logo(s) shall not be redrawn, recreated or reproduced in any colour other than those provided;
b. Additional words may not be added to the logo(s);
c. The logo(s) should never be manipulated, stretched, distorted or cropped.