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Residential Transfer Process for Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF)

The OHF Residential Transfer Form involves several structured steps to complete fully. Please follow the outlined process to ensure a seamless residential transfer-

**Step 1: Player Details**
Complete the required information for the player, including:
- First & Last Name
- Birthday - Email address/phone number
- Former Address
- Former Association/Members Details
- New Address
- New Association/Member (Indicate as "unknown" if unsure)
- "Move with both parents" question (Applicable when the player is moving with one parent)

**Step 2: Attachment of Documents**
Use the five provided links in the form for uploading the required documents.
- Copy of fully executed rental agreement, registered transfer of ownership, or agreement of purchase and sale for new residence.
- Copy of Player’s student index card from their new school or official letter of attendance/report card.
- Copy of parent’s/guardian’s driver’s license or Ontario Photo Card
- Copy of home or tenant’s insurance for the new residence
-Copy of a utility bill or cable/internet bill, showing service address (Cell phone bills or bank statements will not be accepted)

When attaching documents, ensure the following:
1. Mention the same first and last name as provided on the first page.
2. Go back and forth to the original form to upload every document (DO NOT USE the "upload more" option as it replaces the document).
3. Confirm completion by mentioning "uploaded" to every document after uploading.

**Step 3: Acknowledgment**

Express your acknowledgment of the submitted information.


- Complete a residential transfer form for each registered participant, if applicable to multiple siblings/children in the family.
- Ensure consistency in the first and last names on the application form and associated documents.
- If utilities and insurance are included in the lease, re-upload the lease under the utilities and insurance section.
- Do not leave any links unattended, as this may result in an incomplete application.
- If selecting "move in with one parent," be prepared to upload the separation/custody document after submitting all other documents. Note that you may redact sensitive information, as the focus is on the custody arrangements and primary residence of the child.

Please direct any questions and/or concerns to Derek Walmsley at [email protected]