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Oct 21, 2021 | Tina Dawson | 1674 views
New Uxbridge Arena Guidelines
The Township of Uxbridge will be implementing the following changes at the Uxbridge Arena effective immediately, Tuesday, October 19, 2021:
Facility increase to 100% capacity
Shower and washroom access in dressing rooms permitted
Access to dressing rooms 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after rental 

Effective Friday, October 22, 2021:
Vaccination statuses will be checked using the Provincial QR Code system. Staff/Security will be scanning QR codes upon entry. We will continue to accept paper copies for the next few weeks as we transition. Please encourage your groups to download their QR codes if they are able to so that this can be a smooth and efficient process.

Return to Ice Guidelines for Permit Holders (2021/2022) – Version 3
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and provincial guidelines remain fluid, the following document will
reflect the status of the Uxbridge Arena facility protocols in relation to such at the current time. Permit holders will be
updated on any changes to made to facility protocols. The health and safety of our users and greater community is our
number one priority and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time.
General Information
• A non-medical face covering must be worn while inside the facility, unless actively engaged in sport or fitness
• Best efforts of maintaining a physical distance of 2m/6ft apart from other individuals must be made at all times,
unless actively engaged in sport or fitness activity.
• Active screening of all individuals entering the facility during an ice rental is the responsibility of the permit
holder. If any individual in the group is feeling ill, they should not enter the facility. The Township of Uxbridge

encourages all participants to use the Ontario Self-Assessment online screening tool at https://covid- and follow public health protocols.

• Each permit holder is responsible for providing a door monitor to control users’ access to the building. The door
monitor is responsible for collecting contact information for all participants, staff/coaches, and
spectators/parents/guardians in each group, for contact tracing purposes.
• Contact tracing information must be retained by the permit holder for a minimum of 30 days, as per Ontario
Regulation 364/20. Information must be made available to the Township of Uxbridge upon request.
• No in-and-out privileges permitted.
• Up to 40 skaters/players permitted on each ice/floor pad – coaches, trainers, referees, and timekeepers
• 2m physical distancing is not required while inside the dressing rooms, however masks are required to be worn
inside dressing rooms before and after engaging in sport. Full teams will be allowed inside the dressing room.
Two (2) dressing rooms will be provided per rental for teams to use at their discretion.
• Masks can be removed when entering the ice surface and must be put back on immediately upon exiting the ice
surface and returning to the dressing room.
• Spectator capacity aligned with Fire Code for each ice pad. No further capacity limits in place.
• Spectators must exit the facility immediately after the rental has ended and wait for players outside the facility.
No congregating in the lobby will be permitted.
• Food and beverages are permitted within the facility. Note: the snack bar will not be open in 2021.
• All cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas, including washrooms, lobby areas, dressing rooms, referee’s
rooms, players’ benches, and penalty boxes will be completed at least twice per day, as per public health

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Township of Uxbridge
Uxbridge Arena and Community Centre | 291 Brock St W, L9P 1G1 | 905-852-3081
Arrival at the Facility
• Groups will be asked to lineup outside the facility until their respective door monitors grant access inside. Please
make note of which ice pad your group is using, as this will determine your entryway. Pad 1 and Pad 2 have
separate entrances, and there is no access to one another once inside the facility.
• Groups will only be allowed inside the facility up to 30 minutes prior the start time of their permit. Doors will
remain locked before and after this 30-minute window.
• The door monitor will assign a dressing room number to each user/participant. It is imperative that users follow
their assigned number, as there are maximum capacity limits for each dressing room to allow for physical
• All individuals entering the building are encouraged to sanitize their hands with the provided alcohol-based
While at the Facility
• Non-medical face coverings can be removed to participate on the ice, but must be worn in all other areas (i.e.
lobby, hallways, seating areas, dressing rooms, washrooms), including while exiting the facility.
• All personal belongings can be left in participants’ designated dressing room in an orderly fashion while on the
• Items that cannot be sanitized/washed/disinfected between uses cannot be stored at the facility. These items
will have to come and go with each rental and be sanitized/washed/disinfected by user before their return.
• Access to main lobby washrooms (on each respective pad).
• Toilet and shower access in dressing rooms is permitted. Please continue to physical distance in these spaces.
• Water fountains are accessible; only the bottle refill station can be used. No drinking spout. Water fountains are
cleaned daily, users are to use at own risk.
• Coaches, trainers, and any other personnel must wear a mask while on players benches.
• Timekeepers must wear a mask during game.
While Exiting the Facility
• Each ice pad has a designated exit. Under no circumstances will users be able to exit through the entrance.
Directional arrows will lead users to the exit (s).
• Users must exit within 30 mins following their rental. No congregating in lobbies is permitted.
• Spectators must exit the facility immediately after the rental has ended and wait for players outside the facility.
Permit Holder/User Responsibility
• If a player/skater/coach/spectator feels ill and/or are demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms, they must stay home
and not attend the facility or program
• User groups are responsible for ensuring clear communication of all facility protocols to participants. User
groups are to ensure that their Safety Plan is feasible and aligns with facility protocols.
• Coaches and instructors are responsible to supervise their participants and to ensure all protocols are being
For further clarification of above stated guidelines, please contact Hunter Jarvis, Arena and Recreation
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